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7 Essential Tips to Secure Web Application Server

Guaranteeing web server security is likely one of the major considerations while you need to give the public a reliable entry and at the same time need to maintain suspicious persons out so we must know 7 Essential Tips to Secure Web Application Server.

You could take into account the execution of two-factor authentication like RSA Secure Id to get maximum proficiency in your authentication system; however practically, it could be not possible to implement since you can not give tokens to all of your website users.

Use separate servers for internal and external applications

Mostly, organizations have two type of applications; one of them serves the external users whereas the opposite one serves the internal users. And, if you would like security, you may place each application on completely different servers. This reduces the danger of some malicious particular person – who tries to access the external application to be able to get inner info, which is delicate and confidential.

In case you assume you might be unable to afford this implementation, then you must a minimum of use process isolation, which is able to stop your external applications and inner applications interacting with each other.

Use Separate Development Server for Testing and Debugging Apps

It feels like common sense to check applications on a stand-alone web server, but most firms permit developers to tweak code and, in lots of cases, permit developing new applications on a production server.

It will possibly trigger many issues. It’s not reliable and also not secure. On the one hand, these testing codes could make users expertise malfunctions – typically it may be an entire outage – and on the opposite, these codes can invite safety vulnerabilities.

The latter is as a result of these codes are unchecked, and it’s potential that these codes will probably be weak to assault.

Audit Website activity and store logs in a secure location

It’s sure that each professional is aware of how are necessary server operation logs . The audit trails enable you to discern the attacks, and you may react in an efficient manner. These trails may even help you to troubleshoot many issues.

If you want a high safety, then guarantee that your logs are a tool, which is just about and bodily safe. You should utilize digital methods just like the encryption with digital signatures, which can stop any rip-off modification.

Education of developers on sound security coding practices

Many builders who work for software program companies and develop many forms of software program often neglect that data safety is a pre-requisite for enterprise success.

It’s the duty of firms to coach the builders on important points concerning internet server security. The organizations ought to educate the builders concerning the safety mechanisms and ensure they aren’t circumventing these mechanisms.

They need to even be educated about overflow assaults and course of isolation, which can outcome within the internet server safety within the longer run.

Most of the developers who work for a software company and develop many types of software usually forget that information security is a pre-requisite for enterprise success.

It is the duty of firms to teach the developers on critical issues and risk about web server safety. The company should educate the developers about the security technique and make sure they aren’t circumventing those mechanisms.

They need to even be educated about overflow attacks and process isolation, which can outcome in the web server security in the longer run. Every developer must be known security risk point. There are top ten security Vernelability

  1. SQL-Injection
  2. Broken Authentication and Session Management
  3. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  4. Insecure Direct Object References
  5. Security Misconfiguration
  6. Sensitive Data Exposure
  7. Missing Function Level Access Control
  8. Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  9. Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities
  10. Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards

Patching Your Operating System and Web Server

It is such a simple thing and entails common sense that most system administrators avoid it because they are burdened with other heavy tasks.

Most of the popular software vendor release security patches set on every month , and the system administrators and software administrators should apply the patch for their web server with the latest security fixes. if someone finds a flaw in your system , he is surely going to exploit it because hacker every time put an eye on your system.

Use of Software Scanners

Application scanners are also best to secure your web server from security vulnerabilities because tools like Watchfire, SUCURI ensure that no exploitable code slips through the crack into the production system. All of it relies upon for those who can afford application scanners which can validate your internally developed codes.

These are the very basic tips that can guarantee the security of your web application server but however it is best to all the time remember that the safety is all the time a way of thinking.

One should also take into account the basic things like the architecture of web servers should be well designed, and it should be based on sound security principles. All these factors – if implemented – will guarantee the security of your web server.

OS Hardening

We know every web server must have OS  such as Linux, Unix, Windows etc. I personally prefer Linux hosting server to windows hosting server. you can ensure most of the security aspect on Linux web server. you have to follow OS hardening. you can follow basic hardening 20 Linux Server Hardening Security Tips

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