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OSI Layers Model Explained With Examples

OSI Layers model is a theoretical strategy that describes how information goes to be transmitted over the network. There are a number of layer models obtainable, amongst these following three models are the most well-liked and extremely examined in CCNA Examination. There are three types of layer model OSI Reference …

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TCP stands for “Transmission Control Protocol” whereas UDP stands for “User Datagram Protocol”. TCP is more stable than UDP. TCP is connection oriented protocol while UDP is connectionless protocol. UDP is faster for data sending than TCP. UDP gives error checking but no reporting, but TCP provides checks for errors …

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Power of OSI Layer Model

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) developed the seven-layer model or i.e call OSI(Open System Interconnection) Layer Model in 1984 to help vendors and network administrators so that they can obtain a better understanding of how data is handled and transported between two networking devices, as well as to give a …

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