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Logging into & setting up iManager

Logging into iManager is a little deceptive if trying to do it for the first time. You will need three items: The eDirectory login username. In my case this is: admin   The password for the user identified in step #1   The IP address of the server. Using the …

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Taking Control of Your Oracle Identity Manager Scheduler

According to Oracle’s sizing guide for Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) 10g in a large deployment you should break up your clustered servers by task. For example, if you have four nodes in your cluster, you may use two to handle user requests, two to handle provisioning processes and scheduled tasks. …

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Using Custom Java in BI Publisher Reports

Using Custom Java in BI Publisher Reports BI Publisher is a powerful tool for reporting. As the out-of-the-box report(s) solution available for Oracle Identity Management products, BI Publisher provides a ton of useful reporting capabilities. It is sometimes necessary to create custom reports that are tailored for specific needs and we have a great …

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Whitepaper: Deploying the Oracle IAM Suite with the Deployment Wizard

With the release of Identity & Access Management suite R2 PS2 (, Oracle has released a new deployment tool to automate the installation and configuration of products related to the IAM suite. This tool is named Oracle Identity and Access Management Deployment Wizard. With the Deployment Wizard, you can fully …

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Bulk Open Task Cleanup


I worked with a client that had too many open process tasks in OIM. This had occurred as the result of a combination of network issues and the surprise retirement of an application. This resulted in thousands of process tasks stuck in a rejected status. Since the application had been retired, many …

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Bind TIBCO Queue and Message Driven Bean configuration to read the queue.

1. Get below details from TIBCO EMS system. Example values are shown for understanding only.       JMS Server Name : tibjmsnaming://host:port       Queue Name :  JMS.TEST.       Connection Factory :- QueueConnectionFactory                                             UserName: userId       Password : password 2. Configure JMS Module and Foreign Server When we have to integrate …

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Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) (PS3 only) API Initialization in external application deployed as ear on Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) managed servers.

When you have requirement to build some application which is deployed in Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) managed server and have to perform operation in Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) using Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) API, you need Oracle Identity Manager (OIM)client object to initialize api. There are different ways to initialize …

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