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Creating Oracle Virtual Machine

This article describes how to create a oracle virtual machine on oracle VirtualBox .


Oracle VirtualBox is cross-platform virtualization that means it can be on your existence Intel or AMD based computer, whether they are running Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris Operating System. Secondly, it extends the capabilities your existing computer system so that it can run multiple operating systems at the same time. You can run windows server, Linux server, Mac on windows operating system. here we will create a virtual machine on oracle VirtualBox.

Software Dowload

You can download latest version  from here.

VirtualBox Installaiton

Double Click following software and follow instruction

After installation you can see all program > Oracle VM VirtualBox.

Create Oracle Virtual Machine

Create New button and write your oracle virtual machine name, select OS type and Operating System version.

oracle virtual machine

Click ‘Next’ Button then select physical memory size

oracle virtual mechine memory select

Accept the default option to create a new virtual hard disk by clicking the “Create” button.

oracle virtual machine create vm option

Acccept the default hard drive file type by clicking the “Next” button.

oracle virtual machine file type

Acccept the “Dynamically allocated” option by clicking the “Next” button.

oracle virtual machine storage allocation type

Accept the default location and set the size to “12GB”, then click the “Create” button. If you can spread the virtual disks onto different physical disks, that will improve performance.

create virtual machine


The “oracle-linux-6” oracle virtual machine  will appear on the left hand panel.

oracle virtual machine preview

oracle virtual machine setup is completed.

Network Setup

we can setup 4 network adapter in oracle virtual machine. we may be required more then one network adapter such as oracle rac installation.

Click oracle virtual machine name on left plan. then click ‘Netwok’ on right palen , you can see 4 network adapter.  Enable adapter 1 if not enabled. then select ‘Bridged Adapter’ as adapter type.

oracle virtual machine network setting

then click ‘OK’ Button.

Upgrade instruction

You can check alwayes latest version by the following way.

oracle virtual box cheking update

Importent Link

User Guied 

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