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DBSAT Reports Analysis

DBSAT build output in multiple formats for different audiences and reasons.

The HTML report provides detailed outcomes of the evaluation in a format that is easy to navigate and understand. The Excel format provides a high-level summary of each discovering without the detailed result included in the HTML report. It additionally allows you to add columns for your tracking and prioritization purposes. A report in text format makes it handy to copy parts of the output for another usage.

DBSAT Report Status Level

You need to use the status values as tips to implementing DBSAT suggestions. They can be used to prioritize and schedule changes based on the level of risk, and what it might mean to your organization. The Severe risk might require rapid remedial action, whereas another risk might be fixed during a scheduled downtime, or bundled along with other maintenance activities.

  • Pass: no error found
  • Evaluate: needs manual analysis
  • Some Risk: low
  • Significant Risk: medium
  • Severe Risk: high
  • Opportunity: improve security posture by enabling additional security features and technology

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