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Oracle Database 12c Objects

Each RDBMS supports a various of database objects. Oracle Database 12c supports the entire set of database objects required for a relational and object-relational database, such as tables, views, constraints, and so on. It also supports a wide range of objects specific to the Oracle database, such as packages, sequences, materialized views, and so on. Below table lists the major commonly used objects in Oracle Database 12c.

Oracle Database 12c Objects
Object Type Description
Table A table is the basic form of data storage. A table has columns and stores rows of data.
index An index is an optional structure that is useful for fetching data faster.
View A view is a stored query. No data-storage space is occupied for view data.
Materialized view Materialized views are used to summarize and store data. They are similar to views but take up storage
space to store data.
Index-organized table An index-organized table stores the table data along with the index, instead of storing table and index separately.
Cluster A cluster is a group of tables sharing a common column. The cluster stores the rows of the tables together with the common columns stored once.
Constraint A constraint is a stored rule to enforce data integrity.
Sequence A sequence provides a mechanism for the continuous generation of numbers
Synonym A synonym is an alias for a database schema object.
Trigger A trigger is a PL/SQL program unit that is executed when an event occurs.
Stored function Stored functions are PL/SQL programs that can be used to create user-defined functions to return a value.
Stored procedure Stored procedures are PL/SQL programs to define a business process.
Package A package is a collection of procedures, functions, and other program constructs.
Java Stored Java procedures can be created in Oracle to define business processes.
Database link Database links are used to communicate between databases
to share data.


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