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The Best of Create a wobbly text effect with JavaScript

Introducing effects to text and typography can add a whole new perspective to the user experience  on a website. But text is to be read, and getting too smart or clever with an effect can defeat the purpose of it. 

So be smart, be clever, but make sure that your kinetic typography effect actually works, just like it does on Patrick Heng’s website – featured in the image above. Read on to find out how…

1. Create the intro text

Open the project files and you will see that there is the velocity.js and blast.js library. Blast splits text up, while velocity is a tween engine. There are three offset variables to make each piece of text move at different intervals.

2. Split the text

Using blast, each of the text characters are split into their own span element. Then the top layer of text is looped through and the offset is increased for each letter so they animate independently.

3. Add velocity

Now the velocity library adds the movement and opacity so that the letters move up and fade in. Each letter is offset, and the duration and easing are set for each of the letters.

4. Call the action

Now the ‘anim’ function is called and this triggers the animation to begin. A ‘setTimeout’ function now staggers the second block of text that will be yellow. Again, it is triggered using velocity as in the first example.

5. Move on

The delay, duration and easing are set so that the second yellow text moves correctly. Then the last piece of text which is orange is controlled in the next ‘setTimeout’ function to delay this moving a little longer before starting.

6. Add final letters

Now the final letters are moved into place. This gives the same effect as Patrick Heng’s site, which has layers of text moving. Patrick actually uses WebGL to move the text but this is a simpler way with DOM elements.

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